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Medicare Verified Leads

Exclusive to you!

Get a consistent flow of highly qualified and vetted Insurance Leads. 

We help Insurance Agents add $$$,$$$ in monthly Revenue by delivering exclusive Call Verified Medicare Leads to their teams.

Annual Enrolment Period (AEP) is approaching and we want to partner with you to deliver a constant flow of leads like this...

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We capture the following lead info to help you close:

  • Lead Full Name 
  • Home Address + Zip
  • Lead Gender
  • Lead Date of Birth (65+)
  • Medicare Status
  • Lead Email Address
  • Lead Phone Number
  • Booked Appointment

We can also include Jornaya or TrustedForms consent for TCPA Compliance

leadid jornaya
leadid activeprospect

Reasons why you should partner with us to deliver leads your way!

  • Get pre-qualified leads consistently and predictably.
  • Get Call Verified  leads that explode your contact rate. 
  • Get a high volume of super-targeted prospects daily.
  • Get exclusive fresh leads, not resold leads that lower ROI.
  • Have a booked calendar full of regular appointments. 
  • Instant Lead delivered directly to your Email, CRM or API.
  • Focus on building your revenue and closing new deals.

We have generated over 7-figures 

worth of sales for our Partners by...

driving more than 500k leads to their teams.

medicare insurers


testimonial apex


We have been working with Tino and his team for the last 2 years mainly during the enrolment Medicare season. I believe we were purchasing around 300 leads a day, and pretty much the majority of leads were of high quality and good enough to keep our buyers' CPA under control.

Emily A. 

Axis Lead Group

testimonial gabeo


We currently buy Medicare leads from Searchgage, around 100 a day, and during the annual open registration we purchased around 500-700 leads last year. We internally verify leads from all of our vendors and found their quality very good.

Gabe O. 

GOQP Leads

Let's get you similar results

medicare insurance

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What happens after my Order?

Important: Once you place your order, you will be redirected to an Order Confirmation page where you will be required to complete a form specifying your lead criteria so that we can commence delivery of your leads.

How soon will I receive my leads after ordering?

New Clients: 

Your order will be fulfilled within 5 business days from making your order so that we can setup your campaign for efficient lead delivery.

Existing Clients:

Your order will be fulfilled within 3 business days from making your order.

Lead Delivery:

We deliver leads on a weekly basis to our clients and can deliver on a monthly basis if required. Once you make your order you will be taken to a Campaign form where you can select the delivery period you wish.



Your order for Leads is made

Week 1

Campaign Setup and Connection

Week 1

We Begin Lead Fulfilment

Week 2

Reorder high-quality leads

Week 2 or Month 2

Do you offer Zip Code or County specific targeting?

We currently don't as we have found that the volume of leads is always limited when we try to target specific zip codes or counties. The size of the population, reach and other factors contribute to this low volume, that is why we prefer to focus on statewide leads, that gives us a bigger pool to work from.

What makes your leads so special?

Our leads are pre-qualified

As you know, not all leads are made equal. From our experience, the most successful campaigns are the ones that allow you to gather as much relevant information as possible about the prospect in order to qualify and close them.

We Call and Verify your leads

To ensure that we are sending you the most qualified leads, our Call Center team contacts the leads we acquire to verify their information, which we then pass on to you confidently. Our clients have reported that they've experienced a significant increase in their contact rates because of of our call verification process.

Conversion Rate

Based on our client's metrics and stats, our clients have reported that our leads are converting between 20%-60%, that's why keep coming back for more.

How do you source your leads?

We source our leads where people can be found, across the Internet, offline, and related campaigns using paid advertising on: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • Google Search
  • YouTube 
  • High traffic websites (such as the NYTimes,, and many more)
  • Native Ads
  • Email Ads
  • Call Center Outreach
  • Local News outlets and the Press

How are the leads verified?

We use our in-house data management system that initiates real-time validation and cleansing of the lead data we send to you,  which includes the rejection of fraudulent data (Emails, Postal Addresses, and Telephone numbers). As for our call center leads, we ensure that the leads are scrubbed against any federal Do Not Call (DNC) or Litigator lists to minimize any consumer or attorney litigations.

Please note: Prospective leads can always modify their contact details to pass validation and there is no guarantee that you will get the right person at the end of the line or email address once you contact them.

How are leads delivered to us?

We can deliver your leads in any of the following ways:

  • Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) via API connection - Recommended
  • Email (Individual or multiple emails)
  • Other Integrations (Text, Messenger, etc)
  • Google Spreadsheet

How do you comply with Privacy Laws?

We support customer privacy/consent and strive to comply with the TCPA and CCPA regulations when it comes to privacy. To assist us with this, we use Lead Certification technology such as Jornaya or Trusted Forms on our web properties, so that our clients are assured of the origin of their leads even if it's through a call center.

What is your replacement/return policy?

We understand that you may come across bad leads and for this reason we have put in place a Lead Replacement Policy for you to get more value for your money. Our replacement policy is dependant on whether you are ordering Call Verified Leads or just Web Leads

  1. Web Leads: These are leads acquired across all of our channels that we send directly to your CRM, from Social Media to Search and Offline channels.
  2. Call Verified Leads: These are the acquired leads that we call to verify interest, personal information, and then send to you, in order to improve your contact rate.

Call Verified Leads Replacement Since we call and verify interest, we will replace this type of lead only if it's a:

  • Duplicate Lead

Web Leads Replacement - We will replace this type of lead only if:

  • Bad Number
  • Hoax/Fake details
  • Out of Geographic/Licensed Area
  • Wrong Criteria
  • Duplicate Lead

In-bound Replacements - To minimize any disagreements and time disputing replacements, we may send you 10% more leads than you ordered to cover for any possible replacements. 

Do you offer a lead follow-up & nurturing system?

Yes, we do! We understand that you may require further assistance to close the lead and turn them into a client/customer. For this reason, we provide an all-in-one nurturing solution that enables you to follow up directly or in an automated way. 

Nurture Leads into Customers

Our lead nurturing system will allow you to increase your chances of closing by:

  • Easily building & customizing your follow-up campaigns and sequences.
    • Setup and automate engaging follow-ups and capture engaged responses.
  • Create multi-channel campaigns
    • Connect with your leads with Voicemail, Emails, SMS, or Messaging Apps.
  • View all your leads and analytics in one dashboard
  • Manage your workflow and pipeline of prospects

Please note: This service is offered on a monthly recurring basis in addition to your lead order. Let us know if this is something your business would want to implement for better client nurturing and acquisition.