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Would you be excited in receiving 100s of highly Qualified inquiries every day?

If Yes, is your Business struggling with...

  • ...Driving  Quality Lead Traffic to your landing pages?
  • ...Driving Referral Traffic from your existing Leads?
  • ...Reaching new potential Leads on Social Media
  • ...Building an automated Profitable Lead Funnel?
  • ...Implementing New Strategies to Increase ROI?
  • ...The latest Audience & Lead Acquisition Technology?
  • ...Sales Copy that conforms with Ad platform policies?

If YES, we want to help you with all the above for FREE !

All the above for FREE? Yes!!

Quality Leads are the fuel to any business, so if you're tired of receiving dead leads and want higher contact and closing rates, then read on!

Many companies rely on regular leads to keep afloat, invest on their growth and to cover their business overheads. When prospecting for leads through various sources, they often set a specific criteria to qualify these leads. But more often than not they are left disappointed with the majority of acquired leads that do not convert into a sale or booking.  They may also lack the technical know-how, strategies or team to execute a marketing funnel (lead journey from prospect to customer) that delivers the perfect customer profile.

Can your business relate?

⋇ What if you just analyzed your existing lead acquisition system, marketing funnels and landing pages on your current website, then optimized or upgraded them accordingly? 

What if you were able to reduce the need of sourcing new leads externally and finally have an in-house automated lead generation system of your own with a predictable regular amount of leads flowing in?

⋇ What if you were able to increase the Free natural organic traffic that your business receives due to existing leads sharing your products or services with their friends and families?  

⋇ What if you did all the above with the assistance of a data-driven digital marketing agencydo you think it would make a difference in the quality of leads you receive, as well as reduce your customer acquisition costs and increase Return on Investment?

We think so!! 

That is why we want to partner up with your business and offer to help you build an acquisition system that works in sync or independently of your website, that consistently delivers the best quality leads to your sales team at the highest possible Return on Investment.

Our tried and tested funnels will segment or filter all the leads that do not qualify and are not currently at the stage of buying, so that you can nurture and follow them up at a later stage. With the engagement mechanism of our system, no lead is ever lost as long as you're willing to close as many as possible beyond the initial contact.

How does this acquisition system look like?

We use several sources to acquire leads and our principal preferred channel is Facebook (including Instagram + Messenger) due to its 3-Billion user reach and its low cost per acquisition potential. Many businesses, especially in the financial world have found it hard to make Facebook work for them, that's why we want to help them bridge that gap. Whether you have a Facebook Business account or not and you decide to work with us then your acquisition systems could look similar to the following examples:

Capture Leads via Facebook Messenger

Messenger Funnel

Click image to enlarge and watch video below to see it in action.

The above example focused on Debt management, but we can create similar conversational  flows that lead to customer acquisition for any business whose focus is on Lead Generation. 

Messenger Funnel Benefits:

  • Capture the lead's real name and contact info used from their main Facebook account, reducing fake detail input.
  • Re-engage with your leads that have not converted, using Live Chat to complete the conversation and close the sale.
  • Send out automated reminders to unconverted leads to complete their application or assessment within 24 hours. 
  • Users can Share your Messenger funnel with friends and family, sending an additional flow of Free leads your way.
  • Build a Messenger Subscriber List simultaneously alongside your Email List for more Brand Awareness. 
  • Customers can be kept updated with your Offers and News with direct Broadcast messages to their mobile phones.
  • Customers can leave Reviews and Feedback about your Business, Services or Products and build your reputation.

Capture Leads via a Custom Qualifying landing page

Qualifying Page Funnel

click to enlarge

Seriously, how much does it Cost?

We seek to work with businesses who are ready to embrace new creative strategies and technology in order to increase revenue long term. All that we require is that:

  1. Your Business is capable of receiving at least 50+ leads per week.
  2. You are interested in Business to Consumer lead generation.
  3. Your service's reach is nationwide and not just locally targeted.
  4. You have a sales process to follow up on leads within 5-10 minutes
  5. You have £100+ per day Advertising spend to drive continual traffic.

If your Business meets these requirements or near enough, 

we want to Offer you A DEAL YOU CANNOT REFUSE!

To get started, we will provide your business with

the following in-demand digital marketing services:

Lead Generation Consultation

Lead Generation


£ pay per lead


  • Custom Lead Generation Build
  • High quality lead Profile Screening
  • Qualified Lead CRM Sync/Email delivery
  • Instant Lead Notification
  • Expert Nurturing Copy Creation
  • Real-Time Updated Lead Management
  • Contact Rate Consultation

Conversational Marketing

Messenger Lead Generation


£ FREE/m

  • Automated Messenger Chatbot Build
  • Messenger Subscribers Acquisition
  • Facebook Page Autoresponder
  • Subscriber Content/Offer Broadcasts
  • Leads CRM Sync/Transfer
  • Bespoke Chat Flow Builds
  • Live Chat Takeover System

Funnel Design & Management

Lead Generation Funnel Design


£ FREE/m

  • Website Funnel Audit & Analysis
  • Funnel Design & Mapping
  • Full Campaign Funnel Projections
  • Branded Landing Page Design and Build
  • Funnel Management
  • Advanced Analytics Dashboard
  • Advanced Analytic Tracking

Ad Account Management

Ad Account Lead Generation


£ FREE/m

  • Unlimited Facebook Advertisement
  • Unlimited Instagram Advertisement
  • Unlimited Messenger Advertisement
  • Unlimited Google Ads Advertisement
  • Unlimited Revisions for Split Testing
  • Expert Video/Image Ads Copy Creation
  • Real-Time Updated Lead Management
  • Advertising Platform Policy Compliance

Yes that's right, we will implement all the above digital marketing services for FREE for a minimum of 3 months and you only pay for the leads that we help you to generate (To be negotiated) after the first month,  using our acquisition funnels and systems. And to make it even better there is No Contract, No Management fee, No Advertising Creatives fee and No Monthly Retainer. You will be saving a staggering £8,000 in agency monthly running and management fees, that you could put back into the growth of your business.

What's the Catch?

Due to the extremely competitive Financial Industry and its high demands for lead generation/customer acquisition, we can only offer the above deal to two businesses within the same vertical, nationwide. This means that we will exclusively provide our digital marketing services to you and another business in order to limit the advertising competition and costs.

Also, due to the potentially high number of businesses who may take us up on this offer, we are forced to request a one-time setup fee so that we know you are committed to your growth and do not want to be left behind by your competitors who are finding innovative ways to generate leads. 

We want to make it as low-risk as possible to partner with us:

  • Overall Savings = £8,000
  • Consultation = £ FREE
  • Production Cost = £ 0/m
  • Developer Cost = £ 0/m
  • Management Cost = £ 0/m
  • No Monthly Retainers = nil
  • No Contract = nil
  • Setup Fee = £ 1K £ 5,000
  • Leads 1st Month = £ FREE
  • Leads Thereafter = £ TBC
How can you guarantee results?

We’re able to guarantee the quality of our leads because of our innovative approach to digital direct response marketing. We develop systems which are unique to us and result in effective powerful digital advertising. We have helped our clients to successfully achieve their goals using our strategies and acquisition systems. As a result, this has enabled them to grow their businesses, their teams and increase their overall revenue long term.

Client Testimonial

Searchgage Testimonial 1


“From the outset, Searchgage focused on Customer Acquisition which ensured our visibility across the various sectors we serve. By insisting on building this solid base in our web application architecture, Searchgage has exposed our business to our clients beyond our expectations, major factor to contributing to our subsequent growth.”

Ian Lucas  

Director, Public Service Request Inc

Get results like this:

Continuous flow of Qualified leads

Continuous flow of Qualified leads

Small Ad spend, Huge ROI

Mijes Roi


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